Rusty’s Hamburgers first opened its doors to the public in the city of Quito, Ecuador, on the corner of the streets Amazonas and Cordero, the 25th of April, 1979.  It was the first restaurant of hamburgers “made to order” in Ecuador and thank God, from the beginning it caught on quickly.

Previous to its opening, Rusty Miller, a photo-journalist, was the owner of a successful restaurant in Santa Barbara, California and also a manager of a prestigious hamburger chain around San Francisco.  With his broad experience in the food industry, Rusty enjoys his business and taking care personally of his customers, many of whom he recalls by face, to the point that on occasions, when he sees one of them come in, Rusty goes ahead and orders what the customer wants in advance, so that the employees will have it ready before the customer places his or her order.

The first customer was so satisfied that he sent Rusty a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a congratulations card.  This was the beginning of a tremendous number of blessings that God has given to this restaurant in the course of its existence.

Two years later, Rusty opened a second restaurant on the corner of Naciones Unidas and Japón beside the C.C.N.U. shopping center.  In 1983 the Miller’s bought the entire building and remodeled it, enlarging their business, and they included in their menu, besides their famous hamburgers, BBQ Ribs, BBQ chicken and Cosas Finas of Rusty – typical Ecuadorian food.

Despite the success of the business, Rusty and his family moved to California, where their third daughter was operated.  Although Rusty was in his own country, he missed the beauty of the Ecuadorian landscape, and the human warmth of the Ecuadorian people, which are the reasons he decided to return to Ecuador.  Rusty loves Ecuador and its people, and this is the reason why he often states, “I’m a gringo by birth, but in my heart I am Ecuadorian.”

With his usual optimism and lots of prayers, Rusty returned to Ecuador with his family in the middle of the financial crisis, and on the 31st of January, 2000 he re-opened the doors of “Rusty’s Hamburgers” on the Avenue de Los Shyris N 37-295 and El Telégrafo in the city of Quito.  The opening had a welcome more than Rusty had imagined because it brought back fond memories to the people of Quito.  Rusty says, “By the grace of God many Ecuadorians kept the memory of a good hamburger during those eight years and three months of absence.”  The community welcomed Rusty back so warmly that the waiting line seemed like it would never end.  One customer told Rusty, “The hamburger better be as good as I remember because I have been waiting in line for two hours.”  After eating the hamburger the customer said to Rusty, “It was worth the wait.  The hamburger was as good or even better than I remember”.

On the 1st of September, 2006, Rusty opened a second restaurant in the San Luis Shopping Center in the Valle de los Chillos, Ecuador.

To better accommodate his customers, Rusty moved 1 km north on Avenue de Los Shyris N 43-157 and Río Coca.  He opened this restaurant on the 9th of April, 2009.  The new restaurant has parking for 20 cars, an elevator, two floors of dining rooms, a terrace with tables, and games for children.<

Due to customer requests, Rusty decided to open a third restaurant in Cumbayá, Ecuador, in front of the San Francisco University.  On the 20th of December, 2010, while the employees were still in training, some customers asked if they could be served (the restaurant was not officially opened and there wasn’t even a sign outside), and given the request, the restaurant started serving ahead of time.  That was the start of a new growth for Rusty’s Hamburgers.

Currently, Rusty enjoys providing personalized service to his clientele, rotating his time between all three restaurants.

Rusty’s motto is:  “Compete honestly, with a quality product, fair prices, hygiene, good service and a friendly smile and you will be successful!”